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  1. Access local array data source

  2. Add Custom Button and Move the Toolbar to the Top of the Datagrid

  3. ADD missing in detail grid in INLINE mode

  4. Adding Totals on Local Array

  5. Advanced Search Date Comparison

  6. Advanced Search: Enable greater than/less then for date fields

  7. Ajax .post() does not return results right away

  8. Align Datagrid Center on a Page

  9. Always Display Integrated Search Toolbar When Page Load

  10. Auto Increment (auto-increment) Field validation Due to Underscore Character in Primary Key

  11. autocomple off

  12. Can I change the tool bar with search, edit, delete from footer to header?

  13. Can Virtual Column Be Used to Create New Column for Database Table?

  14. Can't display grid in Internet Explorer 11

  15. Cannot activate phpgridlie under my wordpress

  16. Cannot display datagrid in IE8, but works in Firefox

  17. Cannot save or edit records. How to debug?

  18. Capture time stamp on submit

  19. Case insensitive search

  20. Catch Errors on the Sever Side

  21. CELL edit with add and delete buttons

  22. Center Add/Edit Form

  23. Change date display format

  24. Change edit properties without modifying the source code

  25. Change header row height

  26. Change Master Detail Grid Layout e.g. side by side

  27. Change Search Default Value

  28. Change set_col_frozen background transparency

  29. Collapse Datagrid on Initial Display

  30. Column Color

  31. Column Order Position

  32. Compare again database NULL in set_conditional_value function

  33. Complex Sql Query

  34. Conditional format - compare two cells

  35. Configuring Oracle

  36. Connect phpGrid to MS SQL Server from Linux

  37. Constant value in create/edit form

  38. Could not connect to the database (MySQL) but works with PDO

  39. Create edit type "select" options manually from SQL query

  40. CRUD (Create, Remove, Update, Delete) Not Working

  41. Custom button in action column

  42. Custom Server Side Data Validation

  43. Customize Edit Form Layout

  44. Data bar solid color?

  45. Data is not showing up (blank grid) in MS SQL, MySql, DB2 or other database

  46. Datagrid is not visible except the header and footer

  47. Datapicker displaying behind the edit form

  48. Datetime Format

  49. Dealing with very large datasets

  50. Declaration of ReplaceProcessor::process() is not compatible

  51. Default to last page on page load

  52. Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in

  53. Disable the Entire Datagrid

  54. Display a value in a cell that references a value in another table

  55. Display caption in subgrid (Enterprise license only)

  56. Display column in grid but hide when edit

  57. Display datagrid somewhere else on the page

  58. Display field value from grid using custom event

  59. Display grid from multiples tables

  60. Display group summary without any detail records

  61. Display Icon/Image In a Virtual Column

  62. Display multiple grids from the same database table

  63. Display Value from URL Querystring Parameter

  64. Displaying Header vertically

  65. Displaying TIMESTAMP Fields in an Editable Grid

  66. Dropdown Concatenation

  67. Dynamic dropdown based on cell value in a row.

  68. Edit Grid of a JOIN or a complex query

  69. Edit Master Detail Grid that Uses SQL Alias

  70. Edit not working

  71. Editable Datagrid with Add Only Ability

  72. Elongated grid when theme is set

  73. Empty value stored as NULL in Autocomplete

  74. Enable inline search by default

  75. Error during Export - Warning: date() []: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings.

  76. Escape HTML characters in datagrid

  77. Example not working

  78. Excel Export Issue with  character causes export to fail (User Contributed Article)

  79. Expand All Subgrids on page load

  80. Export to EXCEL downloads XML file

  81. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() "...r\adodb5\drivers\ on line 364

  82. Fatal error: Class 'C_DataGrid' not found

  83. Fatal error: Declaration of DuplicateProcessor::process($tokens) must be compatible with SetProcessor::process($tokens, $isUpdate = false)

  84. Fix group sum floating (decimal) issue

  85. Force grid to reload the after update

  86. Force Text to Upper Case Upon Submit

  87. Foreign characters display

  88. Format UNIX Timestamp to Human Readable Time Format Using Custom Formatter

  89. Generate PHP array from SQL query with C_Database class

  90. Get Selected Rows from Multiple Grids

  91. Get selected values of the grid view

  92. Get value from a specific cell from selected row

  93. Go to the last page on grid load

  94. Grid text align

  95. grid width issue

  96. Hide Icons and Change Caption Dynamically

  97. Horizontal scrollbar missing on tablet PCs/mobile devices

  98. How do I make lookup fields (id fields referencing to other table) make dropdown from other table?

  99. How to "crop" text so that the text won't wrap

  100. How to add a row called total automatically?

  101. How to avoid error "Please enter a valid data type ..." when leaving the field blank

  102. How to center the grid

  103. How to change the height of a row (not header row but data row)?

  104. How to Create a Confirm Dialog Box Before Submit a Change?

  105. How to disable column sort

  106. How to display total sum of a column of ALL the records in the footer?

  107. How to fix PHP Fatal error: Class 'C_DataGrid' not found

  108. How to format text capitalization and other formats

  109. How to get new ID generated from insert?

  110. How to get the filter/search?

  111. How to grab the table rows in a grid

  112. How to Increase Size of Multiple Select in Edit Form

  113. How to obtain CRUD type in Ajax call after submit?

  114. How to Obtain Entire Datagrid Data as an Array?

  115. How to preserve a value of NULL as on update as it is being set to 0

  116. How to Receive PHPGrid Update Notice

  117. How to resolve MODx session issues

  118. How to Set Active Row During Page Load in Master Detail

  119. How to set the "select" col_edittype be readonly?

  120. How to show remaining characters in a field on the edit form?

  121. How to sort phpGrid Data on two columns

  122. How to tell what version of phpGrid I have?

  123. How to upgrade from phpGrid Basic to Professional, or from Professional to Enterprise?

  124. How to upgrade phpGrid from Basic to Professional, or from Professional to Enterprise?

  125. How to view Sql generated during CRUD?

  126. How to wrap text a cell?

  127. HTML source is displayed with WYSIWYG

  128. Huge Footer!

  129. I hav a problem using WHERE in my queries

  130. I have 3 different status (1,2 and 3) - I want to assign values to each.. active, inactive and archived .. how do I do this? If I set conditional statement , only the latest value works

  131. I just want to be able to adjust hours and minutes.

  132. I want checkbox columns to display as checkboxes, not 1's and 0's.

  133. inline editing limited to single cell

  134. Integrate phpGrid with MVC based frameworks such as Yii, Symphony, Laravel, Codeignitor, Zend Framework, CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal etc

  135. Integrated Search on Hitting Enter Key

  136. Is there a way to disable resorting all columns?

  137. Is there a way to round the avg format for the footer row?

  138. Joomla! Integration

  139. Keep PHP Session live

  140. Laravel Fatal error: Class 'C_DataGrid' not found in (PHP Namespace)

  141. Make Change to phpGrid Default CSS stylesheet

  142. Master Detail foreign key not populated on insert

  143. Master Detail layout - side by side

  144. Master Detail Table with Different Foreign Key

  145. Maths calculations

  146. Mergy Multiple Columns in A Single Column

  147. Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) Collation and Unicode Support

  148. Missing CSS Map files

  149. Modx Evolution (CMS) Integration solution to share

  150. Move the Search Outside of the Grid

  151. Must fill every fields to save, or nothing gets saved!

  152. Need Invoice

  153. Nested grid relationship by date field

  154. Notice: Undefined variable: fkey or fkey_value in edit.php (MS SQL)

  155. Notification "saved successful" but doesn't create new record

  156. Only top (first) row selectable

  157. Parse error

  158. PHP Session

  159. Phpgrid - datepicker local customize

  160. phpGrid DB2 Starter or the phpGrid Full version?

  161. phpGrid fonts change

  162. phpGrid insert error - Need to hide primary key during edit

  163. phpGrid Installation and Setup

  164. phpGrid PostgreSQL support

  165. PHPGrid referencing old server directory

  166. phpGrid support forum

  167. PHPGrid to go to a specific page during load

  168. phpGrid UNION query

  169. phpGrid with Stored Procedure

  170. phpGrid won't run with Sql Server

  171. phpGrid, Laravel 5 Integration: Class 'C_DataGrid' not found

  172. Prevent column being searchable

  173. Refresh without post

  174. Remove Alternative Row Color Completely

  175. Remove Duplicate Values in Group Summary

  176. Remove horizontal scroll when set_autowidth() is set to true

  177. Replacing Hyperlinks with Images

  178. Require fields border color

  179. Resize "View Record" display?

  180. Resize Grid According to Current Screen Size

  181. Resize Images Displayed In the Entire Grid

  182. Resize subgrid width

  183. Row Select Click Event

  184. Run custom jQuery AFTER the datagrid is loaded

  185. Sample code to save local array back to database with custom edit script

  186. Save Columns Selected in Column Chooser

  187. Save Data in Calculated/Virtual Column to Database

  188. Save Local Data Array Back to Server via Ajax

  189. Save stored value in PHP Session when inserting

  190. Search Column that Uses Multiple Select

  191. Search Column that Uses Multiple Select

  192. Set column visible in grid, but hide during edit

  193. Set datagrid to the width of its parent DIV

  194. Set field required based on another field value using events

  195. Set Minimum Width for Autocomplete edit type

  196. Set Row Height

  197. Set the grid width to the parent DIV

  198. set_col_edittype - Display a empty/blank value in dropdown

  199. set_form_dimension in Subgrid

  200. set_locale not working

  201. set_query_filter not working in Subgrid

  202. Show a column as link based on value of another column

  203. Show Javascript Alert When a Row Is Clicked?

  204. Soft-delete record by flagging a value (Flag for delete)

  205. Sorting columns with Key-Value pairs when edit type is "select"

  206. Sorting columns with Key-Value pairs when edit type is "select"

  207. Special Characters in Non-English Collation in SQL Server

  208. SQL Server Field Name Truncated after 30 Characters

  209. Strict Mode Error Reporting Ovewrite

  210. subgrid blank add form?

  211. Suppress "Loading phpGrid..." messages

  212. The grid appears not to display the bottom line completely. I have tried increasing the pagination and the table dimensions but I'm still unable to see the bottom of the table.

  213. Tool tip for column headers

  214. Trigger PHP data grid refresh in time interval

  215. Unable to edit

  216. Undefined constant ODBC_BINMODE_RETURN and SQL_CUR_USE_DRIVER when running MS SQL Server

  217. Update another cell after save

  218. Update SQLite Doesn't Work

  219. Use arrow key to navigate a grid

  220. Use Custom Session Name

  221. Use Inner Join

  222. Using array_replace_recursive in PHP Version lower than 5.3

  223. Verify uniqueness of a new value entered when edited or added through phpGrid before saving

  224. Warning*: session_start(), Cannot send session cache limiter ...

  225. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/var/php_sessions/) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /www/phpGrid/server/classes/cls_db.php(1) : eval()'d code on line 1

  226. Week start on Monday

  227. When to use Sql View?

  228. Where to obtain updates and invoices?

  229. WordPress Integration

  230. Wordpress Plugin

  231. Working with Twitter Bootstrap

  232. WYSIWYG doesn't work

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