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Search Column that Uses Multiple Select

When I enable multiple select for a column, I am unable to search the column for rows that have multiple items selected (e.g. NYC, Boston, etc.) and can only get matches for rows that have an exact match for a single item (e.g. when selecting NYC from column dropdown search, rows with only NYC will be match but rows with NYC, Boston will not be).

Example code:
$dg -> set_col_edittype("officeCode", "select", "1:San Francisco;2:Boston;3:NYC", true);

The search option is actually in "searchoptions" settings. In cls_datagrid, search for "searchoptions" and you should find the options for select dropdown, and change to one of the following options. 

eq: Equals
ne: Not Equals
lt: Less than
le: Less than or Equal
gt: Greater than
ge: Greater than or Equal
cn: Contains
nc: Does not Contain
bw: Begins With
bn: Not Begins With
ew: Ends With
en: Not Ends With

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