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Special Characters in Non-English Collation in SQL Server

If you have special characters stored in your records, especially when you are using SQL Server collation other than the default English-language (US) collation "SQL_Latin1_General", you may have trouble display those non-English character such as "Löi, cé".

First of all, make sure to choose the correct database type in conf.php. Choose either odbc_mssql or odbc_mssql_native.  please refer to for complete information.

The methods below demonstrates how to display Chinese (BIG5) characters from SQL Server. 

Method 1:

Add the following line in



Method 2:

In data.php, near line 175 change the following from 

$data[] = $row[$col_name]; 


$data[] = iconv("BIG5", "UTF-8", $row[$col_name]);

- OR -

$data[] = mb_convert_encoding($row[$col_name], "UTF-8", "BIG5");

Also in the same file, below comment
"// ******************* execute query finally *****************"


$SQL = iconv("UTF-8","BIG5",$SQL); 

For your reference:

Lis of supported characterset encoding in PHP:

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