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Update Credit Card

When a license is expired, no tech support or any future updates or fixes will be provided by us. It is highly recommended to maintain a valid license for production use.

Failed Credit Card Payment

Upon login, it will popup “Your recent payment failed” message where you can also update your payment.

If you choose to update the credit card later, you can also find the “Update Payment Method” link in your dashboard. 

Credit Card Payment

If your subscription payment is using credit card, please visit to update the credit card so we can process your subscription.

Click **Account** on the upper right to access your downloads. If you don’t know your password, use "Lost Password" link, please.

PayPal Payment

If you don't see the Update Payment Method link in your subscription dashboard, your payment is made through PayPal. 

For payment made through PayPal, please log into your PayPal account, go to Profile > My preapproved payments.

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